Wednesday, August 10, 2011


i have decided to leave this blog because i guess here is really memories.
Goodbye eminentpeak :)

Forifymyheart, :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bye ass,

Posting since im gonna run after a break. Well, I've started studying for prelim since is nearing each day. However, it wasnt entirely done yet . Furthermore, study program have stopped. It can be a good and bad thing. Got to train on discipline to study (Y). Oh anyway, last saturday, went to celebrate my niece birthday ! Happy 5th birthday, babygirl ! :D Adorable much, i got to take pictures with her and bought her a big softtoy which i think is about her height ! hahahah! she had a hard time carrying it back :D

Anyway, i got to go.
Tomorrow have chemistry test so i guess, most probably after a run, i will chiong chemistry :D
And i do love my company now. :) & Nim & Eika (L)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let go,

Lately, school is really long hours and im always sleep deprived. Weekends, i spent most of the time studying . Is really productive . Maybe i will not be posting much till Prelim end and i've lost readers. But i think this is meant for me to remember what's life like ^^. And i officially say, i've let go stuffs :) Nim , Martin and Eika would know ! Well, is a good thing for me now. Im happier in a way, no longer a SLAVE !

Few pictures of crazy moments after studying .

More at facebook and Henny's phone !